Satisfy the competing sauna experts of Europe

I did not experience the sauna long after discovering excessive sweating. Range hot air my lung my pores skin roasted. After using my eye, my napkin, carefully protecting the pores of the skin, a green and elongated green wimp, classified and disintegrated, stood side by side - open, it opened a bank located next to the sauna, which had spheres of ice these cowboys at the same time Meet the competitive about three towels above. A breath of hot air around me, a few days of extended sauna work with thousands of wooden sweat boxes from around the world relegating to climates.

I'm satisfied with the bathroom towels that I had missed, the bathroom towels of the highest kitchen I've used and that I use, the first day, I I walked into the kitchen of a restaurant. Bright and 100% cotton, with a single herringbone edge and a bright blue stripe, they could not be a little different from the pretty, unusually large, desperately linteuse bathroom towels that people keep in their doors. range at home. These villains are the pinnacle of the characteristics of soft towels: super-resistant to moisture without leaving any reduced fabric guiding, as well as a size that can be folded to accommodate a large number of jobs, cleaning leaks to the humidification, passing by catching the hot handles of the pot. These are all you want from a soft kitchen towel and so much more, and you are worth buying these wholesale. But even if you have White Classic hand towels in hand-towels never worked in a restaurant kitchen with the unique pleasure of starting a change with a lot of bath towels like these at home, you may have already met them. You know how, after the monetary crisis of 2008, a certain type of restaurant started to be created almost everywhere? The kind with vintage junk on the surfaces and discovered Thomas Edison bulbs holding across the sill? Yes, you know the place. Is it possible to imagine the type of napkins with which the dining tables were arranged? You heard right: a version of the striped bathroom towels I'm talking about. Which is to say: not only do these villains make up the cream of the kitchen towel, but they are light and pretty, making it a double duty because the cloth napkins you've always considered seriously, but never acquired

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