UTEP Food Kitchen is now available for those

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VANDALIA-Retainer - City is welcome to have fun with the 16th annual Vandalia-Butle Food Kitchen Drive Food Weekend, March 28 from Unfaithful: 30 a. The food spurt could be the most UTEP Food Pantry important of the year for the pantry. On Saturday, volunteers from several agencies will send a food transporter to each home in Vandalia and Butler Township. Contributors are asked to load Pantry jelly beans at jelly-beans baggage with unsprayed food and leave it on their terrace at a visible spot in the street. Volunteers will pick up the shopping bags at the weekend. The things needed with the pantry include snacks for children, jam, various meats, jello / pudding, cooked espresso beans, rice-a-roni, cheese macaroni, fruit, ravioli, cereals, cereals, noodle sauce. Contributors could also reduce their donations to the Vandalia Fire Department 8705 Peters Pike or the Vandalia Recreation Center by December Saturday. 3. All donations benefit the Vandalia-Butler Pantry and stay in this neighborhood. Donations deductible from customs taxes can also be sent to Annual food drive Vandalia-Butler Food Kitchen, PO Package 141, Vandalia, Oh yea 45377. For more information, call 937 890-6628 or visit the Internet. vandaliaohio. org. Go to Darrell Wacker at 937 684-8983 or on Facebook -VandaliaDrummer. .

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